Mostre \ Exhibitions



  • Solo show, Redes de Tierra, Hotel MurMuri, Barcelona 
  • Group show and performance INFINITY/IDENTITY, curated by DimoraOZ, BAM Biennale Arcipelago Mediterraneo, Palermo.
  • Solo show, Conexioak, J70 art and design Gallery, Donostia San Sebastian, Spain
  • Group show “Kolektiba erakusketa”, ISPILU ARTE Galeria. Calle Guipúzcoa, 24. Zarautz,Spain.
  • Group show “Relational Figures” . Myymälä2 gallery, Uudenmaankatu 23 F, Helsinki, Finland
  • Group show “Stand art“, Stand Florio Contemporary Hub, Palermo, Italy
  • Group show “Symballein grand exhibition“, Artforms, Via Genova 17/8, 59100 Prato
  • Group show “Ri-tenere” curated by Eliana Urbano Raimondi, Spazio Arca degli Esposti, Via Dante 25, Palermo, Italy
  • Group show “DallaAallaZ” at Spazio Contemporaneo Agorà, Via XII Gennaio, 2, Palermo, Italy.
  • Group show “Contemporary Textile Art”, an artistic project conceived by Artforms in collaboration with Dimora OZ for Creative Wear, Prato Textile Museum.


  • Group show Il Traffico, 5x5x5 Program of Manifesta12. Curated by Collective Intelligence artists group in collaboration with Myymälä2contempora and Dimora Oz, Palermo, from October 4 to November 4, 2018.
  • Group show TEXTI(T)LE  per Creativewear curated by Andrea Kantos, KaOZ, Manifesta 12 Collateral event, Palermo, Italy.
  • Piazza connection: Dialogues with the inhabitants of Palermo on the theme of the square, its symbolic dimension, its past and its future. (realized with Mariella Maier, Andrea Messner, Andrea Kantos). KaOZ, Manifesta 12 Collateral Event, Piazza Magione, Palermo. Presentation: teatro Garibaldi, Palermo, September 19th, 2018.
  • Order Color  / Color Crossing, KaOz, Manifesta 12 collateral events, DimoraOz, Palermo, 14-16 June 2018.
  • Participation and organisation of the study day Participatory art and contemporary rituals I2MP, Mucem, Marseille, Monday 25 June
  • Art Residence at MUCEM/ IMéRA(Institut d’études avancées d’Aix-Marseille Université) , working on the BET_LEHEM-THE BREAD HOUSE project, February-July 2018.


    • Group show N38°,42 E 13°, 11 – USTICA OVEST PUNTA SPALMATORE, Final exhibition of the SACS Archiv art residency program: curated by Chiara Modìca Donà delle Rose – Museum center of contemporary art of Sicily, Palazzo Belmonte Riso.
    • Group show TRAME DELL’INTELLETTO (Plots of the intellect) curated by Andrea Kantos, Dimora OZ Art Factory, Palermo, Italy.
    • Group show  INFINITY-IDENTITY, curated by Alba Romano Pace, Dimora OZ Art Factory, Palermo, Italy.
    • Happening and workshops NOUS SOMMES ICI / WE ARE HERE for MUCEM, Place d’Armes, Fort Saint Jean, Marseille, France. In collaboration with Departments des publics of the Mucem and local associations (EPFF, Savoir et devenir, Social Center Olivier Bleu).
    • Installation WE ARE HERE/NOUS SOMMES ICI for MUCEM, Tour Roi René, Fort Saint Jean, Marseille, France.
    • Collective exhibition A HOUSE, HALFWAY, curated by Andrew de Brun, Inês Geraldes Cardoso and Kateryna Filyuk, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Torino, Italy.
    • Installation OSEA3/GEBERMUELE, Goethe Osterspaziergang, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
    • Collective exhibition I PRISENTI DI GIBELLINA, Real Albergo dei Poveri, promoted by RISO, Museum center of contemporary art of Sicily, Fondazione Orestiadi Gibellina, Municipality of Gibellina, Palermo, Sicily.
    • Collective exhibition “Imago Mundi – Rotte Mediterranee”, promoted by Luciano Benetton Foundation, ZAC Zona Arti Contemporanee, Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa, Palermo, Italy.
    • Installation BET_LEHEM, LA CASA DEL PANE, Castle of Salemi. In collaboration with C.O.R.F SOCIAL COOPERATIVE ONLUS SALEMI, SICILY, (project SPRAR, Protection System for Asylum Seekers and Refugees, Project teen agers entrusted by the Juvenile Justice Center of Palermo) – Department of Culture, Municipality of Salemi – Dimora OZ, Palermo – RISO, Museum center of contemporary art of Sicily.
    • Installation BET_LEHEM, LA CASA DEL PANE, RISO, Museum center of contemporary art of Sicily, Palazzo Belmonte Riso, Palermo. In collaboration with Dimora OZ, Asante Onlus, Missione Speranza e Carità, European Voluntary Service and the High school Liceo Classico G. Meli in Palermo.


  • Collective exhibition BIAS, International Biennial of Spiritual Art, RISO – Museum of contemporary art of Sicily, Palermo / MUDIPA Museo Diocesano di Palermo, Italy.
  • Installation WE ARE HERE/ CCA’ SEMU, Museo Archeologico delle Pelagie, Lampedusa, Italy.
  • ORIGINI, annual exhibition of Dimora Oz – Cappella dell’Incoronazione, RISO Museum of contemporary art of Sicily, Palermo, Italy.
  • UNICORN, final exhibition of  annual laboratory of Dimora Oz, 2015. Dimora OZ Art Factory, Palermo, Italy.


    • Collective exhibition IN HOC SIGNO, Palazzo Costantino di Napoli, Palermo Italy.
    • Happening RI-GENERAZIONI per Giacinto LGBT Festival, Noto, Siracusa, Italy in collaboration with ARCIGAY Palermo and Stonewall GLBT, Siracusa, Cultural department, Municipality of Noto, Sicily.
    • Workshop and exhibition of the tapestry PRISENTI di San ROCCO, Cultural department, Municipality of Gibellina, Trapani, Italy.
    • Installation RITI DI PURIFICAZIONE per FAVARA and the urban art project GIARDINI DI ADONE,  Farm Cultural Park, Favara, Agrigento, Italy.
    • Workshop/installation/happening RICUCIRE LA TERRA, Creative Lab Alcamo, Museum of contemporary art, Alcamo, Italy.
    • Installation ‘A SPERA for the exhibition ‘Ritualità, tradizione e contemporaneità del pane’ curated by Ornella Fazzina, Torre del Castello Normanno Svevo di Salemi, Trapani, Italy in collaboration with TERRAFERMA ONLUS, Center of first reception for unaccompanied Foreign Minors, Salemi, Trapani.
    • Installation AION-SOL INVICTUS for the exhibition ORIGINI / STRUTTURE, promoted by Cultural department, Municipality of Palermo –  Dimora OZ Art Factory, Palermo,Italy.


    • Installation ORIOR, “Smart Riso – Reti di Resilienza” edited by Enzo Fiammetta and Ilaria Bignotti for Smart City Italia at RISO Museum of Contemporary Art of Palermo, in collaboration with ENERGIA MEDI, Milan, FONDAZIONE ORESTIADI Gibellina, Department of Culture of Palermo, Italy.
    • Installation OSEA2, FONDAZIONE ORESTIADI GIBELLINA, in collaboration with PRIMARY SCHOOLS “I. C. G. Garibaldi” of Salemi and Gibellina, Sicily.
    • land art installation AXIS MUNDI, AGRIFESTIVAL HIPPANA, Multidisciplinary art festival, Azienda Agricola Traina, Palazzo Adriano, Sicily
    • land art installation AXIS PLANETA, Planeta wine factory, Capparrina, Menfi, Sicily
    • DVERSOA personal exhibition, FONDAZIONE BENINATI, Palermo, Sicily.


  • Land art installation OSEA2, AGRIFESTIVAL HIPPANA, Azienda Agricola Traina, Palazzo Adriano, Sicily


    • Art Residence IMéRA (Institut d’études avancées d’Aix-Marseille Université) / MUCEM on the BET_LEHEM-THE BREAD HOUSE project, February-July 2018.
    • N38°,42 E 13°, 11 – USTICA OVEST PUNTA SPALMATORE, Art residency program of SACS: Archiv of Museum center of contemporary art of Sicily, Palazzo Belmonte Riso. Hosted by HUPS Village, Ustica Island, Palermo, Sicily.  
    • SPRAR Salemi, COOP. SOCIALE CORF ONLUS, COMUNE DI SALEMI, per mostra “Ritualità e contemporaneità del pane” a Cura di Giuseppe Maiorana, marzo 2017.
    • CENTRO ACCOGLIENZA Missione speranza e Carità di Palermo, progetto BET_LEHEM o della RINASCITA, in collaborazione con Polo Museale Regionale, Palazzo Belmonte RISO e DIMORA OZ, 2015
    • Centro ASANTE per minori richiedenti asilo, progetto BET_LEHEM o della RINASCITA, in collaborazione con MUSEO RISO e DIMORA OZ, 2015/2016.
    • Comune di Lampedusa, mostra “Verso un museo della fiducia e del dialogo nel Mediterraneo” Museo Archeologico delle Pelagie, Lampedusa, 2016.
    • Centro accoglienza giovani richiedenti asilo, TERRAFERMA, Salemi, TP, marzo 2015.
    • Farm Cultural Park, Favara, per Unicorn, progetto di residenza di Dimora OZ, FAvara, Sicilia, giugno 2015
    • Azienda Agricola Traina, AGRIFESTIVAL HIPPANA, luglio 2014.
    • Azienda Agricola Traina, AGRIFESTIVAL HIPPANA, giugno 2013.